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PowerTac Warrior Reloaded Rechargeable LED Flashlight (Law Enforcement Package) CREE XM-L LED 700 Lumens

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Product Description

Warrior Reloaded Rechargeable LED Flashlight (Law Enforcement Package) CREE XM-L LED 700 Lumens

Warrior Reloaded Law Enforcement Package (includes car adapter with USB charging option and orange traffic cone)

        Your First Rechargeable True Tactical Light                        

               The PowerTac Warrior Reloaded is the second installment of the legendary PowerTac Warrior series. Yes we did it again, and made it rechargeabe. We included a custom charger for this new form of the celebrated original Warrior. You can easily reload your favorite lighting device without dismantling the light to take the batteries out to charge. It works even when you are charging it, and it is ready to go whenever you are ready.

This high-power LED flashlight is designed specifically to be the ultimate rechargeable tactical and law enforcement flashlight. It is built with cutting-edge technology, unparalleled performance, exceptional craftsmanship, and unbeatable reliability. It comes with a friendly user interface for simple operations and multi-functions for different situations. It is perfectly engineered to be extremely portable and powerful with a highly focused tight beam. It delivers on design, performance, quality and reliability. Its tremendous illuminating power, extraordinary versatility, rugged built quality make it the preferred choice of many professionals and ideal for military, police, adventurists, hunters, search and rescue and other tough or hazardous tasks. Like all Powertac products it carries a NO HASSLE Lifetime Warranty.

  • Utilizes a CREE XM-L latest LED that enables the Warrior Reloaded to produce an amazing 700 lumen at the brightest level and strobe setting.
  • 4 different brightness modes for different lighting needs and different battery runtime.
  • Produces a super long throw up to 450+ meters combined with an impressive flood light to illuminate objects at both long and close distances.
  • Intelligently designed friendly user interface for tactical and self defense uses, integrated easy and simple side switch for quick change of functions.
  • Unique digital circuit control technology to maximize battery life and consistent light output performance.
  • Protects electronics against damage caused by improper battery installation through a reverse polarity protection circuit.
  • Machined from aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Maintains its appearance through extreme weather and rugged treatment with a tough, durable Type III anodized finish.
  • Resists water damage by a precision O-ring sealed design to provide reliable use in extreme conditions.
  • Tempered glass resists breakage or scratching on impact, double-sided coating maximizes light output.
  • Preserves LED and electronic components with a superior heat sink designed for quick & better heat dispersion.
  • Incorporates a built-in removable pocket clip.
  • Includes a high quality holster designed to fit belts of various sizes.
  • Defends against physical attack with a crenellated bezel on both the head and tail cap for self defense uses.
  • Advanced ergonomic design with anti-slip knurling and matte style finish for firm grip.
  • Stand on tail cap to serve as lamp.
  • Weapon mountable with optional remote pressure switch.
  • Multiple illumination function while charging.
  • Built in protection from short circuit in charging station.


1. LED type: CREE XM-L U2 LED.

2. Functions: 4 Illumination Levels and Strobe Mode.

Scenario 1, under normal usage when not charging:

Firefly (Time)

Low (Time)

Medium (Time)

High (Time)

Strobe (Time)

0.5 lm (706 hrs)

30 lm (65 hrs)

350 lm (3 hrs)

700 lm (72 min)

700 lm (140 min)

Scenario 2, when charging:(no runtime because it is running off the charger, not the battery)





0 lm

30 lm

100 lm

350 lm

3. Battery: Use 2* CR123A or 1* 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery, NOT compatible with RCR123A / 16340. Charger will only charge rechargeable Li-ion 18650 battery. when using CR123A, light function normally, charger will not charge the primary CR123A, nor will it create any hazardous situation due to integrated protection in charger. One Tenergy 18650 rechargeable Battery included with kit.

4. Length: 154.5 mm. Bezel diameter: 36.5 mm. Body diameter: 25.4 mm. Tailcap diameter: 33.0mm.

  1. Weight: 167.90 g (without battery).
  1. Accessories: 1 AC charger, 1 charging station, 1 holster, 1 battery tube, 1 lanyard, 1 orange traffic cone. 1 usb cord, 1 cigarette plug, and 2 spare O-rings.


  1. Instructions:
  2. Battery installation is done by removing either the head or the tail cap, The positive end of the battery will face the head. Tighten the unit until it’s completely closed, then push the tail cap to turn it on or off.
  3. To turn the flashlight off, push the tail cap switch to click. When turned back on, the flashlight will access the mode last used. Once turned off, simply tap the tail cap switch and the flashlight will also directly go to the last mode used.
  4. To switch functions, turn the light on and press the side switch and release immediately, the mode will change through Firefly – low – medium – high – strobe and then back to the Firefly mode.
  5. To switch from any mode directly to strobe mode, while the light is on, press the side switch and hold for a split second (0.3 second), the light will change to strobe mode and stay at that function.
  6. When in strobe function, press and hold side switch, will change to high mode. In another word, you could by pass all the other modes, and only toggle back and forth between high and strobe by press and hold the side switch for a split second.
  7. When charging in the custom charger, user can click the side switch to turn on the flashlight while the light is in the charger, each click will change one function in the following order: Low—medium—high—off, there is no memory of specific mode.

This package can be purchased by individuals as well as members of Law Enforcement.

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