Princeton Tec Byte LED Headlamp Black

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Princeton Tec Byte LED Headlamp

A Compact affordable headlamp that's lightweight (2.3 oz) and comfortable enough to wear for long hikes or a full work day.

The Byte operates on 2 AAA batteries Alkaline or Lithium (will also run on NiMH or NiCad)

It has 3 light levels/modes

The red LED turns on with the first click of the switch, red is perfect for preserving your eyes adjustment to the dark. the burntime for the red mode is 146 Hrs

The second click of the switch will bring you to low white light mode with a burntime of 96 Hrs

The third and last mode is the full 70 lumens high, with a burntime of 2 Hrs

The light is equipt with a battery lockout switch on the battery cap, which allows you to ensure the light cannot be accidentally turned on in your bag or pocket. It also eliminates any battery drain.

The lock out switch can also be used to turn the light off. The best use for this, that i could see would be turning the light off from red mode without going through the white light modes, that could spoil your eyes night adjusted vision.